Apex Timing is a french company based in Haute-Savoie, steeped serious values and accuracy of nearby Switzerland. Since its creation in 2011, the CIK-FIA has trusted us.

Until today more than 300 go-kart centers and organizations use our solutions around the world.


In 2019 Apex Timing launches its first distribution partnership with FKP for Canada, USA, Ireland and the United Kingdom.


For over 25 years, FKP has known that the future of Karting, and particularly the Indoor Karting experience, depends on the success of its partnerships.

Today FKP is the Indoor Karting industry’s premier full-line, full-service provider.
Only FKP offers a complete and comprehensive network of products and services designed to assure your center’s complete success and continued profitability.

The quality and dependability of FKP’s service is a direct correlation of the best brands and products we offer, providing you with ongoing consulting, sales and support. FKP ensures expertise and thorough management training from concept to execution, including the soft opening. FKP has witnessed the industry’s shortcoming and is dedicated to a seamless turn-key solution ensuring customer satisfaction through ongoing quality control.