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Online Booking

$21.65 / Pers
Adult Reserved Race Monday, Wed or Thursday

Adult Reserved Race Monday, Wed or Thursday

This reserves your spot in an adult race on the Formula 1 or Combined track. Does not include the required headsock. Please bring your ID and closed-toed shoes in order to race. 

$90 / Pers
Monster Monday Members
Welcome to our Monster Mondays for Members! This package is for up to 8 drivers for 1 race on Mondays from 3:00pm - 9:00pm. It doesn't require 8 drivers to book but all 8 spots will be reserved for the group. The person who books the package MUST be a member. Headsocks are not included but are required!
$32.48 / Pers$38.97
2 Races for $30 Reserved
This is a existing members only specials for members who have a paid membership. it is only for adults. There are no refunds given for the 2nd race as it will be placed back into the member account. It doesnt include headsock.
$16.24 / Pers$19.48
1 Reserved Race - $15
This is a existing members only specials for members who have a paid membership. it is only for adults. It is for 1 reserved full 10 Minute Session on either the Combined or Formula One Race Track.
$16.24 / Pers
Jr Driver Wed Reserved Race Combined Track
Single Reserved Race on the Combined Track on Mondays, Wed, and Thurs. Must be a paid member in order to book.
$29.23 / Pers$45
Triple Play Package

Reserve your Triple Play Package! Package comes with 1 Kart Race (Full 10 minutes), 1 Mission in Laser Tag, 1 Round of Mini Golf, your headsock (required for racing), and a fountain beverage with FREE refills. Currently only available for Adults on the Formula One/Combined Tracks. Drivers under the age of 18 are not able to book the Triple Play online. Drivers 16 and up with a valid ID are able to participate, but may not be the reservation holder.

$216.50 / Pers
Indy Reserved FULL Race
This books a session for up to 6 drivers. Cost will
$7.58 / Pers
Single Laser Tag Mission

Reserve a single spot in laser tag. This locks in your place in a specific game at a specific time. 

$259.80 / Pers
Friday Reserved Race (Full Block)

You don't have to wait in line when you're this VIP. Just reserve your own race for you and 7 of your friends (or anyone whom you'd like to beat on the track) and choose the time that works for you. Enjoy a full private race when you want it. 

$300 / Pers
Saturday Reserved Race (Full Block)

Don't want to play well with others? Reserve your own private race at the time you want. You may invite up to 7 guests to race with you on the Formula One circuit. All guests must meet rewuiremtns in order to race. 

$433 / Pers$741.51
Mini Grand Prix

Adult Birthday Party? Up to 8 guests may join you for 2 races, a round of laser tag, and a round of mini golf. Race times are reserved with this booking so no need to wait in line on your special day. 

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